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We do not need phytochemicals (see Why lifestyle matters)  to stay alive day to day, but eating more is likely to make us live longer, and seeking them out is a major strategy in the goal of living well for as long as possible.

Fruit and vegetables have phytochemicals in abundance, which is why coloured plants are the core of good eating. They are also found in grains, dark chocolate, spices and herbs, tea and coffee, and novel food such as olive leaves and tree sap.

Many of the best phytochemicals, like turmeric, are not easy to eat every day. Some, like olive leaves, are not normally eaten at all. That is the rationale for a supplement.  A supplement is a phytochemical kick that goes way beyond the food you routinely eat, even when you eat the healthiest options.

Supplement phytochemicals are a type of nutraceutical, which is a word invented in 1989 (‘nutrition’ + ‘pharmaceutical’) to describe elements of food which have health benefits beyond nutrition, and are usually consumed as extracts or concentrates. They are also called bioactives. They can come from a whole food, like fish oil, or unusual food sources, like roots and leaves.

LifeGuard Essentials contains five of nature’s most powerful inflammation balancing phytochemicals, ones that your regular diet will never deliver.

Why take it? It will put time on your side.