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manage inflammation, age well


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cancer · stroke · heart disease · dementia

Slow burning inflammation leads to the major conditions of the older years – cancer, heart disease, strokes, and some forms of dementia.

Effective, natural nutraceuticals

LIFEGUARD ESSENTIALS is five of the best inflammatory balancing compounds the natural world can offer. It has been designed by a doctor with an interest in aged care and functional foods. Taken every day, it delivers a potent mix of stimuli for a healthy inflammatory state.


Dr Roderick talks about reducing the risk

From middle age and beyond, your immune system becomes over stimulated. It is inevitable, and dangerous. Inflammation is essential when you are unwell, but harms, not heals, when you have too much. 


Based on research

It takes years to work out what causes diseases, particularly ones that develop slowly. There is usually no single experiment that proves it; scientists build pictures from clues.

LifeGuard Essentials brings you the fruits of this research. It provides a daily supplement of five of the natural world’s most potent inflammation inhibitors, from sources that are not a routine part of the diet. 


Is LifeGuard right for you?

Even if your lifestyle is healthy, your immume system will become dysregulated as you age. It is inevitable, so staying well and living long means managing the inflammatory balance with as many options as possible. 


Put time on your side

The natural world contains powerful anti-ageing compounds that are not found in a regular diet, even a healthy one, or are not found there in concentrated form. LifeGuard Essentials offers five such compounds, to be taken every day, to augment even the healthiest diet. 


Three simple steps:

Eat whole foods.