To supplement or not to supplement, that is the question

A recent article offers a timely reminder that supplements are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t agree more - so why did I develop LifeGuard Essentials?

A recent sponsored Herald article (by NZ Eggs) “Kiwis pay high price for health” is a timely reminder that none of us can supplement our way out of unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices. Nutrition, along with adequate sleep and exercise, is the core of good health. It’s that simple. The implications of a high stress, sedentary lifestyle and a diet of takeaways and processed food simply can’t be overridden with a daily multi-vitamin and a couple of fish-oil capsules!

There is a very important ‘but’ here though. ‘Supplements’ is a very broad umbrella term and quite simply not all are created equal. The article cites iron and folic acid as specific examples of supplementation which are at times clinically indicated for particular individuals (or particular situations such as pregnancy) to ensure good health – even though the patient’s dietary choices may indeed be very good.

Equally, there are elements in nature - which unfortunately do not present as very appealing or easily obtained food sources - that considerable research indicates can add a valuable extra boost to an already optimal diet. Anti-inflammatory neutraceuticals, taken in capsule form, fall into this category. For those of us interested in exploring all available opportunities to ‘tip the scales’ in our favour and make the best choices for our long-term heath, a degree of supplementation can indeed be a valuable addition to an already balanced and healthy lifestyle.

A dysregulated inflammatory state is increasingly common as we age and has been linked by extensive research to the major diseases of our later years.  The opportunity to take advantage of potent anti-inflammatory elements provided by the natural world to add a boost to an already healthy lifestyle is exactly why I developed LifeGuard Essentials.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the detail and fascinating science behind systemic inflammation and its effects on our health and the role of certain foods and their other natural options have a look at my book The Internal Flame, available from Paper Plus and online at Wildside Publishing.

Dr Roderick Mulgan