Nutrition Just as Relevant for Cognitive Function as it is for our Physical Health

We’ve all known for a long time about the impact good nutrition (or the absence of!) has on our physical health – but evidence that it’s equally beneficial for healthy cognitive function is now considerable.

Latest research reported in this week’s NZ Herald lists vegetables, berryfruit, nuts and ‘good quality’ fats (think oily fish, avocado and olive oil) as some of the very best things to include in our diet to promote mental well-being and cognitive good health. The reasons for their positive health effects mainly relate to the presence of antioxidants and various phytochemicals which can exert an almost drug-like effect on our bodies. (if you haven’t already, see my book The Internal Flame if you’re interested in the fascinating detail and science behind this)

But at the risk of stating the obvious, they’re also healthy because of what they’re not– when we eat mainly vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, lean protein and wholegrain carbs (and not too much red meat) we’re not filling up on highly processed foods which are often a vector for unhealthy - and inflammatory - amounts of sugar and white flour.

Here’s a link to the Herald article if you’d like to learn more…

Good health to you.

Dr Roderick Mulgan