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Healthy ageing means managing inflammation, and it all comes down to the right lifestyle choices. Read more about the choices you can make to age well, in our free brochure.



Turmeric has been a pillar of Asian cuisine and culture and medicine for millennia. A huge amount of modern research has demonstrated it has potent anti-inflammatory ingredients, particularly a phytochemical called curcumin. Unfortunately, curcumin in its natural state is not well absorbed from the gut. LifeGuard Essentials counteracts this by delivering a daily dose of curcumin in an easily absorbed package, combined with an extract of black pepper.


Grapes have more anti-inflammatory compounds than almost any other fruit, but more than half of them are in the pips, and most of the rest are in the skin and stems. Just eating grapes wastes most of their potential. LifeGuard Essentials delivers an extract of grape skin and seed which captures the grape’s most valuable constituents.



Boswellia is the sap of a desert tree from North Africa, which blocks some of the key enzymes in the inflammatory cascade. It also blocks the master regulator that controls inflammatory genes, so that the cell machinery that makes inflammatory proteins is switched off.


Olives have numerous constituents that block inflammation, and their oil is one of the mainstays of healthy modern eating. Recent research shows even higher levels of the key phytochemicals like oleuropein come from the olive tree’s leaves.


Baikal skullcap is a Siberian shrub named after its distinctive helmet shaped flowers whose root has long been used in Chinese medicine. Modern science shows the root contains six separate anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, which have particular affinity for blocking age related inflammation in the brain.


Help manage ageing with LifeGuard, New Zealand’s most comprehensive anti-inflammatory formula.